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Murphy is all for it. Says so right on his website. Will) raise minimum wage to $15 an hour, so that those who want to work can support their family and ensure that no one who works full time in 2017 lives in poverty. In honor of Military Appreciation Night, the Bruins wore camouflage jerseys […]

Simon, Josiah William (2002) Molecular and structural studies on proteins involved in lipid biosynthesis in plants and bacteria. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.7MbAbstractFatty acid synthesis in plants and most bacteria is catalysed by a type II, dissociable fatty acid synthetase, critically involving the participation of acyl carrier protein (ACP) during synthesis and elongation reactions. Wild type […]

This, trust in the professionals. My SD had to be admitted for two suicide attempts at BM house about four years ago. They were able to address the core issues of SD depression and anxiety. Cosmetics can contain strong active ingredients, like alpha hydroxy acids, that can irritate or even damage the skin if they […]

The point of getting a pizza is how delicious it tastes. The activity itself is the goal. There isn’t even a predetermined finishing point. Even those of us who are queer can and often do have internalized homophobia or biphobia.Unlearning all that conditioning and getting to new ways of thinking love dolls, more inclusive ways […]

Everyone straight, gay and everything in between finds out what our orientation is over time. Even for people who feel like they knew from early childhood on they were a given orientation, including being heterosexual, it’s still time and experience that prove that sense or theory. It’s very common for people of all stripes to […]

Both are part of the three Great Races used in old outdated anthropological studies on race (along with caucasoid). Lindsay mentioned the great races when explaining some context and it immediately pinged for me since my field of study is anthropology.So someone probably dropped a slur or really outdated and racist slang. And everyone dog […]